Our posters and photos make great holiday, birthday and senior gifts. They capture a moment in time for any athlete and family to enjoy throughout the years.
It would be our pleasure to create for you a custom-designed poster. Our default poster is 12- by 18-inches and is printed on quality photo paper. The first print cost of $129.99 (plus S/H) includes a non-refundable deposit of $69.99 to cover the design fee. Reprints are available for $59.99/each plus S/H.
To initiate the process, please fill out and return the order form (PDF format).  
Poster design is commissioned artwork. This is not an automated process, but rather an artistic process. Many steps are involved, including stripping out the background of the photos selected, choosing a complimentary background for the poster, and then digitally “hand-painting” the poster for a finished and unique look. There is a great deal of time invested in each poster design.
Please let us know the styles you prefer when you place your order.
Your poster will be designed using photos from DMVpix.com and/or photos you provide if they are high resolution and good quality. If you did not take the pictures yourself and have purchased them from another professional photographer, you must get permission from the photographer allowing us to use the image. Many photographers will consent as the resulting posters are for an individual athlete's use and are not used for reproduction or advertising.